Here is a two-minute summary of the bible by Pastor Andy Smith of OMF International.

“The world is messed up. Relationships are broken. The environment is damaged. Many are suffering. Christians believe that God created a very good world, but people wanted more. By disobeying Him, their relationship with Him was damaged. They started hurting one another and messing up the world. Jesus came to restore all things. Some believed Him. Others rejected Him and had Him put to death. In that way, He bore the guilt and shame of all people for the damage we cause. Then He rose from the dead and appeared to His followers. They received the Spirit of God. The same happens today. All who acknowledge the damage they have caused, take responsibility for it, renounce it, and believe that Jesus died for them, their relationship with God will be restored. The Spirit of God will help them learn to live harmoniously with God and with other people and to begin to take care of the world. Would you like to learn more about this restoration?”