Pastor Bong Saquing preaches at CCF Vancouver

by | May 5, 2019

CCF Vancouver family, friends and guests welcomed Ptr. Bong Saquing (CCF Main) who shared a message on how we can turn depression into a H.O.P.E. celebration (May 5, 2019, Laura Muir Theatre, Douglas College in New Westminster, BC).


The theatre can seat over 300 people and was almost filled by Filipino-Canadians who either knew or have heard Ptr. Bong speak before, or who came to hear him for the first time.


According to Ptr. Bong, the devil can use depression to infuse doubt and distrust in our minds, but God has commanded us and has given us the power to choose to rejoice whatever the circumstance (Philippians 4:4). In order for us to choose to rejoice, we must first see things in the light of the Lord by Hearing Well (the Word of God), Owning God’s Word, Preaching God’s Word to yourself, and Encircling yourself with other Christ-committed followers (H.O.P.E.).


We hope you will visit Vancouver again soon, Ptr. Bong!