Success for CCF Vancouver’s 1st Singles Retreat

by | May 19, 2019

What is your identity? What makes you who you are?

On May 17-19, CCF Vancouver held its first Singles Retreat at Charis Camp in Chilliwack, BC.

In a culture where people are often influenced that we can be anyone or anything we choose to be, the retreat gave participants an opportunity to honestly examine questions about identity, purpose, and meaning. Can we really create our own identities, or were we created by God in His image for a specific glorious purpose? It was a memorable and refreshing weekend, with fellowship among old and new friends.

There were also helpful talks about one of the biggest concerns for singles: dating. The speakers shared biblical principles and their personal experiences, giving participants guidance, encouragement, and insights to think about.

Most importantly, the speakers shared the good news of God’s love and His gracious offer of redemption through Jesus Christ. For many participants, this retreat is just the beginning of their personal journeys in search of God. We are joyful to have seen the impact of the retreat in many ways. At least 12 singles decided to continue learning more about God and how to live as His child, by joining regular discipleship group meetings. This sets them on the wonderful path towards becoming who God has designed them to be. We look forward to seeing more of God’s amazing work in people’s lives. Truly He is almighty and good, and He has the power to transform our lives.

See you at the next Singles Retreat!